Excel import for checklists

You can create checklists from the online ArchiSnapper account, or you can draft your checklists in excel and then import them into ArchiSnapper.

If you want to import your checklist from excel, it's important that you use exactly the same columns as in the sample file.

Let's walk you through this ;)

1. Go to the Checklist section in ArchiSnapper

  • Navigate to the Categories/Checklist section
  • Click on the 'checklists' tab.
  • You'll see the screen below -- click on 'import a checklist via Excel'

2. Download the sample checklist file

On this page you can download a sample Excel file. We strongly advise you use this sample file.


3. Complete the sample file with your own categories, checklist items and standard descriptions

To give you an idea, look at the image below. This is the sample file uploaded without making any changes. Now you know where your categories, checklist items and standard descriptions will appear.

Important: As you can see in the sample excel file, the checklist items for a category are in the cells to the right and below that category (and the same for the standard descriptions that belong to a checklist item).


4. Import your Excel file

  • Choose a name for your checklist
  • Click on the 'browse' button
  • Select the right file on your computer to upload
  • Click on 'import checklist'

5. Verify your uploaded checklist

  • Click on 'back to my checklists'
  • Your uploaded checklist will now appear in your list of checklists
  • Open the checklist to verify if the checklist looks OK

Tadaam. You're all set.

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If you have any questions, email us at [email protected], we're here to help!