Move a field report to another project

It can happen that you create a report for a project, but later on you want to move it to another project. Here is how you can do this from your online ArchiSnapper account (on your desktop):

Step 1: go to your list of reports.

Go to your list of reports and look for the report you want to move, and for that report click on 'More' and then 'Move report':


Step 2: Select the project you want to move the report to

Use the search field to select the project you want to move the report to and then press the button to move it:

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Step 3: check if the report is correctly copied

Go to the project you moved the field report to and check if it is correctly in place:


Note: the report will still be available in the old project as well (just in case), so don't forget to remove it from there if needed.