Manage and request documents to receive from other parties

Manage documents to receive (and display them in your field reports)

With ArchiSnapper you can manage a list of documents to receive from other parties. Examples could be energy modeling docs, the technical drawings that an engineer or contractor needs to provide, as built plans, ...

Here's how to do this: from your online ArchiSnapper account, go to 'docs and plans' for any of your projects, then go to 'list of documents (to receive)' for this project and start adding the documents to receive. You can add docs to receive one by one, or by selecting them from a document checklist (more on this below).


Note that there's a layout setting to also show these documents to receive in your PDF reports for this project:


Request the documents online with ArchiSnapper

Now we can send an email to the document assignees, requesting them to submit the documents.


The assignee will get an email with a link, from where they can upload the documents:


By clicking on the link, they'll go to the page where they can upload the documents and submit them for a approval:


You'll immediately see these documents in your online ArchiSnapper account so you can review them and accept or reject them.


Here is a video that shows how it works:

Documents to receive related settings

1) Document checklist

When you often request the same documents (as buit plans, energy related docs, ...) for different projects, you could create a document checklist that you can then use to shop from every time you add documents to receive to a project.

To manage this document checklist, you can go to 'categories and checklists in your online account'.

(Note: if you don't see the documents to receive checklist in your menu, you just need to create one doc to receive for any of your projects and it will appear).


Now, when adding documents to receive for any of your projects, you can select them from your checklist:

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2) Document statuses

You can manage different document statuses (eg to receive, submitted, received, ...). When requesting documents online with ArchiSnapper, it's important to link a status to the 3 available colors (red - when document is still to receive, orange - when document has been submitted for approval, and green - when document has been received and approved).


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