Send assignees weekly emails with open items

With this feature you don't need to worry about sending reminders on the pending items from your punch lists or field reports. You can schedule a weekly email to assignees so they'll get an update on the pending observations assigned to them. Here is how it works:

1) Switch on this setting and select day and time

Only admin users can do this. Go to account settings:


Switch on the 'send weekly email' feature at the bottom, and select the day and time at which you want the emails to be sent:


2) Turn on the setting for the contacts that should receive the weekly updates

The weekly emails will only be sent to contacts that have the "send weekly email setting" switched ON. You can do this from the 'edit contact' page.


Now these contacts will start receiving weekly emails with their pending items. Pending items are items that have status NOT OK. When they don't have any pending items assigned to them, they will not receive any email.

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