Checklist and Report Statistics

If you're using ArchiSnapper for safety reports, quality reports, daily reports or punch list reports, chances are high you're using our checklist functionality.

If you're not sure how this works, you can check out this help doc on how to create safety inspection reports with ArchiSnapper.

Checklist statistics

If, for example, you want to know how many times a certain checklist item appeared as NOT OK in your inspections reports, then the 'checklist statistics report' is what you're looking for.

in your online ArchiSnapper account, go to 'export data':


Next, go to the Checklist statistics report, and select a checklist and optionally a project and date range:


You'll receive an XLS file that shows the status of a checklist item for all the inspection reports within the filter criteria, together with the total number of times a checklist item had status OK, NOK, or NA. See here for an example:


Report statistics

If you're looking for a quick overview of the number of reports created, then the "Reports summary" dashboard is what you're looking for.

You can access this from your dashboard:


You can filter and group the number of reports created and sent by project, user, checklist or time interval:


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